Let Friendsgiving Begin

I left Denver this morning and I am on my way to Bangkok!


This year for Friendsgiving we will be visiting many cities in Thailand and Myanmar. (Stay tuned for photos!)


This trip could have started with a bit of drama but I got lucky; my sister drove me to the airport this morning so I picked her up in my car. After she dropped me off at the airport apparently the car started to make noises once she was back on the high way. In her words “the car sounded like a plane.” My car is an older stick shift so she tried changing gears thinking that was the issue. Then she said the tire started smoking and people were honking at her. She made it to a gas station where a good samaritan helped her put on the spare while she waited for her husband to arrive. That was news to me that I had a spare!


There is lots to be thankful with this situation: First that Kara and Henry were able to get the car off the highway safely, second that I had a spare so this isn’t going to be too costly of a fix, and three that it didn’t happen on the way so I didn’t miss my flight!

Lots of Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving thankfulness today!

I would be even more thankful if I got bumped to business class! Fingers crossed!

See ya USA!

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