KhaoAMAZINGsan Road


Khaosan road is unlike any place I have ever been. I had booked a lot of our Thailand trip but my friend Becky took charge with Bangkok so I didn’t do much research on where our hotel was located or the nightlife. We had booked a room at Dang Derm Hotel because her flight attendant friend had stayed there before. I figured we took her suggestion because it was a decent hotel for a good price and in a good location, not that we would be staying in the heart of the party of Bangkok—I was 100 percent wrong.

We arrived after about 20 hours of travel to the infamous Khaosan road and we walked down the street to our hotel which was half way down the road. Each restaurant or bar had tables spilling into the road and each one played their own music—as loud as their systems would go. Each spot had a store front of about 30 feet (I’m sure this is not correct but they weren’t huge) and if I’m painting this picture correctly you are starting to understand how loud and how many different types of music/songs were playing all at once. It was awesome. It was at this moment that I realized I was officially on vacation in Thailand!

(I took a video with the hopes that you could hear how loud it was #fail)

We checked into the hotel and the receptionist asked us if we wanted to pay more for a room not on the street side and we were like no we aren’t falling for that and paying more. When we walked in our room it was as loud as walking into a club. It was hilarious. We called down to the front to see if we could get a different room and they didn’t have any more three person rooms so the obvious solution was to stay. We also found out that the music has to stop at 2 am so we realized in reality that wouldn’t be a problem since we would most likely be out that late each night.

We grabbed a beer and walked the street and got street food. My favorite pad thai I had in Thailand was 30 baht ($1) from a cart on Khaosan Road. This road will always have a special place in my heart. The Beatles have Abbey Road and I have Khaosan Road.



P1600256 P1600258 P1600236

Our roof top pool!



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