Chiang Mai Activities


Sunday Night Market

I would be lying if I said that seeing the elephants during my Chiang Mai visited wasn’t what I was most excited for; but I can say now that though the elephants were awesome the city was pretty great too—I mean I ended up singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” one night so how could I not love this city. For this post I am going to break it up by day time activities and night time activities and the elephants, because there are just too many photos, will be a separate post.

Day Time 

Renting motor bikes is the best way to get around and the most fun. It is a little intimidating when you start because the road that circles the old city is pretty busy but you get over that quickly. We took motor bikes up to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and spent the morning there. We also explored a local town that was just a little past the wat.



Night Time

Chaing Mai has a great night life. Each night there was a night market we walked through and at one of the markets I was able to experience a “fish pedicure.” I did not like it to the point of tears at first but I conquered my fears and eventually was able to put my feet in the water and let the fishies do their thing.

We also went to the Sunday Night Market located in the centre of the old city. Here you can buy all kinds of souvenirs. The Tha Phae Gate is the place where we entered the market and walked around.


There were also a lot of bars we went to so here is our list: Zoe Yellow, Fabric, The North Gate Jazz Club, Spicy, and Loco Elvis. Zoe Yellow was the young party backpacker place to get buckets of booze and then Spicy and Fabric were “late” night clubs but really closed at 1 am so they weren’t very late. My friend Phil said when he was there a month ago the places stayed open late but heard that there were so late night issues so as of recently most things closed at midnight. The Jazz Club was a fun chill scene and Loco Elvis was where we rocked Karaoke. As a group we got up and sang Spice Girls and during our performance they turned the TV with the lyrics off and started to shut down the bar so if that doesn’t say we were awesome I don’t know what does.

12341625_10205290144148432_4968903183111195152_n 12241612_10205290143948427_3903103412367076400_n


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