Phi Phi Like PP


We went to Koh Phi Phi with the intentions of getting lots of sun and partying. We luckily accomplished both. I say luckily because we almost didn’t have good weather. We flew from Chiang Mai to Krabi and when we landed we were greeted with rain instead of sun. We stayed positive since we had a two hour ferry ride to get to Koh Phi Phi. Unfortunately as we continued on towards the island so did the rain. We arrived and tried to keep our spirits up but we were really struggling with that task. The way we imagined our time on Koh Phi Phi was bathing suit relaxing the entire time so this was a bummer. So we did the only thing we could think of to raise our spirits—day drink.

We headed to Dojo Bar to get our drinking on. We decided to play a drinking game where the person to your left would whisper into the person to their rights ear. They would say something about one person at the table. That person would say the persons name out loud and the person who’s name was just called had the option to find out what was said about them by drinking or not drink and not find out. As you can imagine it turned into us just constantly drinking and finding out what each of us thought about each person at the table. For example some questions were “who is the most dramatic person?” That was me. It went down hill as we kept drinking, best boobs at the table? Who would you date? The game was fun for a hot minute. We then walked out into the water to watch the sunset. We decided since we were on a more party island than authentic that we didn’t care about what we ate so dinner was a very Americanized Thai meal, a burrito and green curry pizza at a nothing special restaurant so it was not remembered. We made it out to Stockholm Syndrome for one game of beer pong and then headed to the beach to watch the fire show. I cut my toe on a rock in the water and that pretty much ended our sloppy night.



Caitlin and I woke up early and explored the island a bit before the others woke.

Coffee to go!


This day the gods answered our prayer and there was sun. We rented a long tail boat for our group (about $10 a person I believe) and loaded it up with beers and headed out to visit the different islands around. We stopped at Monkey Island, Blue Lagoon, and Maya Beach from the movie The Beach (bottom right picture). We didn’t pull up to Maya Beach because there is a fee you have to pay so we went to this tiny patch of beach opposite of it so we could see it. This was just as awesome because we were by ourselves! This day was amazing!! It was the exact sun situation we were looking for. It turns out I was very happy we didn’t have two days of sun because my fair skin would not have handled it well. After our private boat tour we headed back to our hotel and went to the pool party there. We were staying at Ibiza House.






When I said we came to Koh Phi Phi to party this was because it is a party island but also for the Full Moon Party. Koh Phangan is the island that has the original Full Moon Party but other islands still have them as well. We had friends on that island and from what we saw the only thing different is our island had a few thousand less people and our island didn’t do the glow in the dark body paint, which I was sad about. It was the Loi Krathrong holiday as well. The name translates to floating crown and there are hand made krathongs made out of banana tree trunk, banana leaves, and flowers with a candle. These after a few days can be eaten by fish. It is believed that the festival may be an ancient ritual paying respect to water sprits so you make a wish on the candle and push it out to sea. In Chiang Mai they light candle lanterns and send them up in the air which might be a more common image you can imagine as you might have seen this in Disney’s movie Tangle. We timed it perfectly and left Chiang Mai the day before #planbetter. We made our wishes and then made our way to the opposite side of the island to get the party started. I began the night by jump roping with a fire rope and limboing under a fire stick. I then upgraded to fire twirling and spinning fire balls on chains around myself. I decided to take it to the top level by doing the worm on the bar. I would say the vodka red bull buckets I was drinking might have played a part in this behavior. One of the Best Party Nights Ever!




The next morning we headed to Railay. I can still remember the walk to the ferry like it was 2 minutes ago—so hot and so long. The fairy was rough as well but at least there was air conditioning.



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