Getting Curried Away

P1610331 In Pai we took a cooking class and this was another one of my “must do”in Thailand. I had such a great experience in Vietnam at a cooking class and I love Thai food so my inner Julia Child was so excited. Unfortunately though the cooking class fell on the day I was recovering from my stomach bug. So it was a major struggle for me to say the least. I got through but I was chugging water, visiting the restroom frequently, and sitting down as often as possible. I embarrassingly had to bring a chair to the stove and sit while string because I couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes. The other part is we cooked three meals per person so I did my best to eat a few bites of each but a lot went to waste. I was so disappointed in myself.

As you can see from the photos it really was an amazing experience. We went to Pai Cookery School and we got booklets with the recipes we made and saw first hand how authentic Thai food is cooked. Our teacher was quite the lady herself. She almost had to cancel on us because she was in the jail two nights before because  she got in a street fight. She was pretty sore but she pulled through for us. Like I said it was an amazing experience.







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