Started At The Pier Now We’re Here


Over presidents day weekend Kara, a few girlfriends, and I went down to Miami for a weekend on my dads boat. I have always been one to hang out with my dad and my friends so I didn’t realize how much I was asking of him till we got down there. In my mind it was a typical weekend for my dad, I mean he has three daughters. But when we set sail and started poppin bottles for Kara’s birthday and then decided to make  music video I realized just how great of a dad he is—aka how chill he is.

My dad was with us for two out of our five days and really got his share of girl talk and daughter friend time. Between listening to Drake on repeat and drinking wine and hearing about our “boy” problems he really showed he can hang with the gals. Luckily for him, not us, he left on our clubbing night. We wanted to do Miami right which meant going out on the town. We had dinner at Tap Tap Restaurant which was an awesome Haitian restaurant and then went to the Regent Cocktail Club. We loved the Regent it was a relaxed environment with amazing drinks. Also the singer was awesome. Think Nora Jones mixed with Beatle songs and add a few other classics.

We then headed to Liv Night Club where we quickly learned we can’t get in for free because we are girls. We were told it is $80 a person for the five of us it would be $240. Um no. So Kara and Becky headed home because Becky had to get up early the next day for work and Caitlin, Shanna and I went on a mission. We cirlced the bar in the lobby looking for a way in; nothing. Next option was the VIP line. We stood there and were ignored for about 30 minutes till a group of people walked by and I pretended to drop my ID. Then after I picked it up I stood up on the other side of the rope and some how that trick worked. Shanna and Caitlin tried and were caught and told to leave because they were trying to sneak in. I was so excited and felt like yeah I’m cool then I went into a panic mode because I was in by myself—not good. I found a guy and told him I two pretty friends  who needed help getting in and we were good to go. Liv is like Vegas. Fun but when you crave McD’s  you just have to leave. Yes, that was our reason for leaving the club.

While in Miami we also went to Versailles and had amazing Cubans, visited Little Havana, and ate awesome seafood on Miami Beach. At Izzy’s Fish and Oyster they have a sauce for their oysters that is lime and soy sauce. Seriously change your life amazing. Try it tomorrow.

Kara and I were the last to leave the boat. We drank wine and finished every beer left on  along with pounds of shrimp. In our tipsy state we dropped a seat cushion over board I tried to grab it, ended up falling in the marina water and Kara and I both showered on the boat with the hose versus using the real showers, while others could see. If we didn’t impress my dads neighbors I don’t know what would.

Miami, The Layover (my dads boat), and Uncle John (aka my dad) we will see you next year!







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