Out of Office: Middle Seat


I had some issues on my way to Europe this past week (I am headed to the Mediterranean coast for a work trip). I was connecting through Dallas and was due to land 3o minutes after my flight to London took off. Luckily I called and was connected with a great customer service representative who switched me from American Airlines to the direct Denver to London British Airways flight. I thought I was lucky till I went to the counter to get my boarding pass with my new flight itinerary email and confirmation number and was told, American didn’t communicate the change with British Airways and I didn’t have a seat and would be standby; even when I buy a ticket I somehow end up being standby. Finally I was lucky and got a seat, a middle seat. But hey I am not complaining I would have taken any seat! I sat down with a young guy to my left and a guy who I learned was 23 to my right. I learned his age because when I got my two bottles of red wine to drink he was really concerned that they didn’t card me. They both got water, no ice.

I sat there between the two boys, drinking my wine, watching Brooklyn as tears fell from my eyes. This sounds discreet but my sniffles are anyting but discreet. I am sure they were impressed.

Dinner was actually awesome! Cheese and crackers, bread, caprese salad, chicken picante and cheesy polenta, and strawberry cheesecake. Have a mentioned how much I love airplane food?

The boy to my left who I would have guessed was 17 seemed just as excited for the meal; he tapped me on the shoulder to have me take out my earbuds to say enjoy your meal just before we ate.

Or maybe he was just trying to cheer me up because I had been crying…


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