How To Drink At The Yangon Airport


On our trip to Myanmar we only had five days planned for the country so we couldn’t see it all; though we tried. We cut out Yangon by way of prioritizing the cities we wanted to see. We did need to fly out of there for our  major international flights though so we had a few hours to see the city formerly known as Rangoon. We decided that we would go see Shwedagon Pagoda but that was all we had time for. It turns our that we had time to probably see a few more things but we didn’t want to risk it so we spent a majority of the day in airport.

We took a taxi into the city and were able to store our luggage at the tourist stand in the airport for about $15. The Pagoda was beautiful and so magnificent. It was so large and beautiful in a very majestic way. We walked around and spent time at a specific Buddha we were advised to meditate at. We also went to our birth day Buddha fountains and bathed our Buddhas. There were tin cups and you were supposed to pour eight cup fulls on the Buddha. I am a Monday. After that we headed back in another taxi to get back to our bags which had to be picked up by 6 pm.

We went to one of the three restaurants outside of security for dinner and then sat there realizing we had a lot of time to kill; like hours.

In our alcoholic traveling ways we needed beer and that was quite a problem. Let me tell you now that the Myanmar Domestic and International Airports do not have any bars or any place where you can buy alcohol OUTSIDE of security; there is one once your clear customs.

So here comes the good tip…if you are at the Yangon airport and you are looking for a beer you can find it but you have to walk across the street. Across the parking lot in front of the airport in a hotel is a restaurant, don’t go to the hotel, their bar is closed but the market on the other hand has beer! They used the term market but it seemed like more of a cafeteria type restaurant.

Success!! We drank our beers and spent our last kyat and then made our way back to the airport to people watch and say goodbye. Sarena left first so she didn’t get to enjoy a glass of wine at the bar once past customs but this is where Becky and I ended our journey and parted ways.

This trip challenged me in ways like never before. After boarding my flight and thinking about the trip, I wouldn’t have changed a thing…maybe the overnight bus…no not a thing!





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