Socca Awesome


There are lots of things to try in Nice but one food item that shouldn’t be missed is socca. Socca is an unleavened bread made out of chickpea flour and is a specialty in Nice. You will find it pretty much at all touristy restaurants but if you are looking for some of the best socca in the city head to Chez Pipo.

Chez Pipo is about a 20 minute walk outside of the Vieux Nice.  You can see in pictures below that the batter is poured onto a thin pizza like tray and baked in a wood fire oven. The bread is supposed to be served very hot and of course with rosé. I had to take mine to go since I was running a little behind and they told me it would not be as good as eating it fresh in the restaurant. I may have technically done it wrong but it was still delicious. It is nutty from the chickpea and olive oil with charred flavors from the fire but it was still light with a creamy finish. Perfect for a summer day snack!

It was socca awesome—get it?




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