The Post About All the Lobsters


For Labor Day weekend I spent my time in New Hampshire and Maine. This trip was planned to visit family in New Hampshire but I quickly created a separate motive which was to consume at least a lobster a day.

In New Hampshire the family enjoyed good ol’ fried stuff at Ray’s Seafood in Rye and and had an amazing surf and turf barbeque night with friends.

In Ogunquit, Maine I enjoyed the classic-must-stop Barnacle Billy’s for steamers, punch, and piña coladas before a night on the town that ended at the Front Porch Piano Bar— aka my heaven. We also headed up to Kennebunk to get the best lobster roll I have ever had from The Clam Shack. The bread was toasted but still so delicate and completely complimented the buttery sweet flavor of the lobster instead of being overpowering.

The only way to say goodbye to summer is with a lobster in hand, I have now decided.










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