Biking Fort Collins


It only took living in Denver for four years for me to branch out and visit Fort Collins.  The college town located a little over an hour from Denver reminded me of Michigan State Universities campus—not just because they also are green. We visited not for football but for the beer. We planned on actually renting bikes from a shop but when the planned bike shop was closed we decided to us Zagster. The name isn’t familiar but it is very similar to all the other city bike rentals where there are bike stands and you can rent from one and check it back into another. The cost was $7 for the membership and $2 an hour. This really worked out perfectly because Odell Brewing Company was our last stop and they have a stand in their parking lot.

We started the day with bloody Mary’s because the night before ended up being much crazier and later than planned—all I’m going to say is dancing on my friends apartment bar and shot taking.

We then went to Funkwerks where I had the Cascade which is a single hopped Saison brewed with Cascade hops. Next stop was Horse & Dragon, and then like I said we ended at Odell.

My friend Allison and I had driven up with Allegra but she was staying the night so we took a grey hound bus back. It was an experience and an interesting end to our fun short day trip.




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